From Our Farm to Your Family's Table

Pasture-raised foods you can eat with confidence


At Chicory Hill Farm, our goal is to supply our family, friends and neighbors with the best quality chicken, beef & pork while healing the earth on our pasture based Virginia farm. We believe people should know where their food comes from and how it is grown. We want to reconnect animals with the land and people with their food. Therefore, we are fully transparent with our regenerative farming practices.

Our animals are Raised Right – The way God intended!

  • Our cattle only eat grass
  • Our chickens are outside where they can eat grass and bugs.
  • Our pigs are raised on dirt where they can root around to forage.
  • We supplement our chickens and pigs’ diets with non-GMO grain from a local farm.
  • All of our animals are rotated to new pasture paddocks regularly.
  • All of our animals have a great, low-stress life and it shows in the tenderness and taste of the meat.

Our Story

My name is Greg Paul (aka ‘Farmer Greg’) and my farming story starts back in the mid 2000s. My wife, Suzanne, and I were married in 2004 and built our first home on a 20 acre parcel in western Goochland County. Over the next couple of years, we acquired some chickens and goats just for fun. At that time, I was working for my family’s home improvement business and my wife was an RN, working in a local hospital. We enjoyed raising animals but they were really just pets at that time. 

Once we had our first daughter, something changed in me. I started questioning a lot of things and realized I couldn’t take everything at face value. I began learning more about our food and where most of it comes from. I watched the documentary Food, Inc. (Highly Recommend!) and my eyes were opened to the grotesque conditions that most conventional farm animals are raised in. The idyllic scenes depicted on most food marketing is completely false. I learned that these terrible growing conditions often necessitate antibiotics and other medicines be administered to farm animals. I also started learning about GMO crops and the poisons used in conjunction with them. I wondered how do these terrible farming practices, chemicals & medications affect the meat and how does that meat affect the people that eat it? I was convinced that this is not the kind of food that I wanted to feed my family!!

Because neither of us had any experience in raising livestock, we have had to learn a lot of things the hard way. After years of raising our own meats, we decided to grow our pasture based Virginia farm into a real farm business. I gave up my career in town to educate our kids at home and farm – two passions worth pursuing if you ask us!

2023 Update: As if we didn't have enough to do here on the farm, we have decided to start another business. We'd like introduce you to Patriot Medical Care, a concierge medical house call business. After 19 years of taking care of patients within the constructs of hospitals and large medical practices, our very own FARM WIFE, Suzanne Paul, FNP has decided to "opt out" of the system and offer her services directly to her patients. She wants to provide her patients with the type of care they deserve as well as the freedom and convenience to be seen in their own home or place of work. As an autonomous Nurse Practitioner, she is able to see patients for most Urgent Care & Primary Care needs. Everything from upper respiratory infections to sutures, physicals, labs and more! You get the benefit of personalized care because you’ll see the same provider every time. 

We appreciate you taking the time to learn about our family and our businesses! We are very blessed and super excited to see how God will use our family to serve our community.