Farm Partners

It is such a privilege to be able to serve our community with the products we produce here on the farm! We are very excited to now partner with other local small businesses that have the same goal of serving our community with superior local products. 

Batteaux Coffee Company

We are so excited to offer LOCAL COFFEE!!

We met Ben & Alexa, the owners of Batteaux Coffee Co., last year at the Powhatan Farmers Market. Our kids play together in the field behind the market and have the best time! Ben loves giving out sample cups of coffee at the market. He talked me into it one day and I have been hooked on it ever since then. It’s the only coffee we drink!


Batteaux Coffee is proud to provide ethically sourced coffees from around the world and they roast them right here in Powhatan, VA!
Their coffee goes great with bacon and sausage so be sure to add a bag to your next meat order!


Simple Roots Farm

I met Kaz Mock a while back through an online Farmers Market that we participate in. Not long after that, she and her husband Wes joined our meat subscription program. Kaz shares our passion for “real food” and she does a great job of producing wonderful food from her gardens. We are excited to partner with Kaz to offer vegetables, fruits and herbs to our subscription customers this year!

Bio: Almost ten years into my challenging yet rewarding career as a social worker, I landed in the organ transplant field.  That’s where I met Wes, who was putting his biology degree to work for a good cause.  Working on the treatment side of the health care system ignited a passion in both of us to switch our focus to prevention. I launched into the fitness field to do what brings me joy: helping others reach their potential.

Wes followed his interest in nutrition and returned to school to become a Registered Dietitian

Together we increasingly prioritized eating “real food”- what your body identifies as food and therefore knows how to use effectively.  As we became more mindful of the sources and quality of our food, we realized it made sense to grow our own.  We planted a garden and quickly felt the awe and gratitude that come from watching a tiny seed transform into something edible and nutritious.

As we pursued our wellness-focused careers, our relationship grew into marriage and included the glorious addition of our daughter.  We outgrew our raised vegetable beds in the city of Richmond and moved to Powhatan with our dogs in tow to give homesteading our best shot!

Oh the adventures we’ve had, from hives lost in deadly battles with robber bees, chicken funerals with our toddler creatively contributing the Pledge of Allegiance, and battles with European hornets in our homemade compost.  There’s also the ongoing effort to amend and embrace that Virginia clay soil!  We’ve had some real successes too: peanut butter from our own peanuts, large harvests of sweet potatoes (my favorite and hence the logo), our first honey extraction, meals made with 100% home grown ingredients, and sharing our bounty with neighbors through our farm stand!

We created Simple Roots Farm to support you, our community, in reaching your potential and feeling your best.  Our name is based on our belief that the “root” to good health is simpler and more attainable than you may think.  I love growing nutrient dense food with organic growing practices that respect your health, as well as our tiny slice of land in Powhatan.  I prioritize compostable and reusable packaging out of concern for our broader ecosystem.

Join us in the quest for wellness!  Eating fresh, safe, naturally grown food from Simple Roots Farm supports your health and your local community!  We always welcome visits to our farm!


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