From Our Family to Yours


At Chicory Hill Farm, our goal is to supply our family, friends and neighbors with the best quality chicken, beef & pork while healing the earth on our pasture based Virginia farm. We believe people should know where their food comes from and how it is grown. We want to reconnect animals with the land and people with their food. Therefore, we are fully transparent with our regenerative farming practices.

Our animals are Raised Right – The way God intended!

  • Our cattle only eat grass
  • Our chickens are outside where they can eat grass and bugs.
  • Our pigs are raised on dirt where they can root around to forage.
  • We supplement our chickens and pigs’ diets with non-GMO grain from a local farm.
  • All of our animals are rotated regularly – Our cattle and chickens get a new section of pasture every day!
  • All of our animals have a great, low-stress life and it shows in the tenderness and taste of the meat.

Meet Your Farmer:

My name is Greg Paul. I’ve always loved raising animals and remember being enamored with farming from a young age. So when my wife, Suzanne, and I got married in 2004, we moved to our first small farm where we were able to start growing much of our own “real” food. It gives us peace of mind knowing that our food is healthy and safe.

Because neither of us had any experience in raising livestock, we have had to learn a lot of things the hard way. After years of farming as a hobby, we decided to grow our pasture based Virginia farm into a real farm business. I gave up my career in town to homeschool our kids and farm – two passions worth pursuing if you ask us!

The other key part of our vision is to enable our children to operate their own entrepreneurial endeavors on the farm so they can develop practical business skills and strengthen their work ethic. Therefore, some of the items you will find for sale at our farm are being grown and sold by our kids.

We would love the opportunity to become YOUR farmers!

We Moved!!!

We Moved!!!

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