Pastured Protein Subscription Program

Free Home Delivery!

You Choose What You Want!

Support Your Local Family Farm!

Enjoy the Healthiest, Most Delicious Food That You Can Feed Your Family!

Package Options:

Homesteader Package =$100/month (get $110 worth of food)

Family Farm Package = $200/month (get $225 worth of food)


Each month, you may choose to purchase any items you’d like from our website’s online store to fulfill your subscription. Just choose your items and add them to your online shopping cart. When checking out, choose Subscription for your payment option (instead of credit card or COD). When shopping online, you may fill your cart with up to the value of your package ($110 for $100 subscription, $225 for $200 subscription).

What if you want to spend more than your subscription allowance? No problem! Go ahead and add the extra item(s) to your cart and checkout. Your card on file will be charged for the amount over your allowance. You will receive the same discount on any additional purchases each month. This is another perk of being a subscription customer!

Please submit your order by midnight on the 1st of each month. We will email you reminders to submit your order. If you do not place your order on time, you will automatically receive a duplicate order from the previous month (substitutions may be required depending on inventory). Your card will be charged each month for your subscription.

Your meat subscription includes free home delivery each month. This is a service we only offer for our subscription customers. No need to be home for delivery…just leave a cooler out and we’ll be happy to place your order in your cooler. We will text you a reminder the day before your meat delivery to remind you to leave your cooler out. You are also welcome to come by the farm to pick up your order if you prefer. 

As always, please give us a holler with any questions you may have.


Fine Print:

Free delivery is limited to the shaded area on this map:

A delivery fee will be charged for customers outside of this range. Inquire for a delivery cost if this applies to you. Your subscription term is 6 months. After 6 months, you may renew your subscription for another 6 months. If you decide not to renew your subscription, you have two options:

    1.  Drop to a month-to-month subscription. This type of subscription will provide you with free delivery of your goods. However, your monthly allowance will be the face value of your subscription level. Example: $100 subscription only buys $100 worth of meat instead of $110 worth.
    2. Discontinue your subscription

Because we are a small farm our supply will fluctuate and despite our desire to keep every item in stock all the time, this just isn’t possible…especially when dealing with processing delays like we’ve been experiencing. Chicken is only grown through the warmer months so our stock could potentially get low during the winter until we start processing chickens again in the spring. We will do our best to accommodate requests to hold items for future subscription deliveries but cannot guarantee that specific items will be available year round.



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