Most People are Calling Us Crazy!

After only 5 years of living in our large custom built “dream home”, we’ve up and decided to move our family of six into an unfinished 2 bedroom log cabin on 90 acres!

Why in the world would we do that?!?!?

1. Simplicity – A big fancy house is nice but it’s a lot to clean & maintain. After all, we’d rather spend our time farming, right?
2. Cozy – Let’s face it…it can be a challenge to feel “cozy” in a big house. We actually like being around our kids (most of the time) so a smaller house will keep us closer together.
3. Proximity – Our new place is located in central Powhatan County. It’s closer to many of our friends and also closer to more amenities and potential customers.
4. More Land – With this move, we will just about double the amount of land that we can farm. This allows for expansion as we grow our farm business.

Over the past couple of years, Suzanne and I have realized that we don’t need new and fancy/expensive things to be happy. We appreciate a simpler lifestyle such as the one depicted in the  “Little House on the Prairie” television series (which we started watching regularly with our kids last year). In fact, when we first went to check out this property, the fields of broomsedge had not yet been cut (more about that later). As we traversed the driveway and approached the cabin in this field of tall grass, we felt as if we stepped back in time. Since that day, we have called this place “Little House on the Prairie”. Our kids sometimes even refer to us as “Ma” and “Pa”…too funny!!

We are excited to start this next adventure but there’s a lot of work ahead for us. We plan to redo the kitchen and finish the interior of the cabin by installing interior doors, trim work, flooring, stain and paint. We’re also going to build a small addition to make this house fit our family a little better.

As for the farm work, there currently is no fencing on the property so that’s top priority so that we can start moving animals soon. We also plan to build a pole barn to store hay and equipment in the very near future.

We hadn’t planned on moving but God had different plans for us. Our family is excited to embark on this next adventure. It’s not going to be easy but as long as we’re going along with His will, we know everything will work out just fine.

Thanks so much for the opportunity to be your farmer!